Document Imaging & Data Capturing

PT Reycom Document Solusi

Under the banner of PT Reycom Document Solusi, RDS group provides document imaging and data capturing services using the most up-to-date technology that is capable of achieving a very high level of accuracy.

Document Imaging

Document imaging is a service for the conversion of paper (hardcopy) documents, which may contain hand-written data or printed output, into a computer file (softcopy). In the process, a document containing the handwritten or printed output will be placed in an electronic scanner that will copy (scan) the document, and then convert the resulting image into a digital file, thereby creating a permanent and easily archived form of the documentation.


Easy to locate document files

With a digital file documentation system, the process of searching for documents in the future will be better, faster and cheaper. Using the search for a particular keyword or content method, the search and index systems of computer software function greatly accelerate the process of data retrieval, when compared to a search for the same data in the form of hardcopies. These are frequently stored in piles of boxes in an archive or warehouse and may be difficult to retrieve.

Documents are easier to share

Data stored in digital form facilitates easier and faster distribution to parties requiring the document, because it minimizes or eliminates the need for the time consuming process of faxing or copying the document, and sending it by courier service. With email and other forms of file sharing technology, the document will be received where it is needed in a matter of seconds.

Different levels of access may be prescribed to documents

Document files stored in digital form may be authorized with different levels of confidentiality and accessibility. For example, at administrative and junior staff level, the access level can be set so that only certain parts of a document can be accessed, and may be restricted to read only access. Higher level staff, management and other authorized persons may be authorized to a full read and write access to the document file.

Several users may simultaneously access document files

One of the important advantages of digital data is that several people can easily access it at the same time, unlike hardcopy data which can only be read by one person at a time or handed to others in close proximity. By utilizing the Intranet or Internet, digital data sharing is particularly useful if the people who need the data are located in a different office or even a different city.


Unlike hardcopy document files that must be stored securely in a locked box to maintain their confidentiality, digital data is stored on a computer and can be password protected so that only authorized persons have access to the files. With digital data, creating backup copies is also a simple process which allows the duplication of backup copies without the loss of content, and storage in several different locations to considerably reduce the possibility of losing or misplacing documents, which commonly occurs with paper documents.

Data Capture

Data Capture is a service wherein we convert and store hardcopy documents into computer database files. All the data in a hardcopy document, including hand-writing, is converted into a digital file in a standard template, which can easily be read and edited or processed further as required. In the data capture process, we use modern technology that is able to recognize and change the data, whether it is computer typed or in handwritten form, into digital data (ICR / OCR / OMR / Barcode). To reduce the possibility of errors to a minimum, we manually carry out a thorough verification and error correction process. Data capture has all the benefits of document imaging, along with various other advantages.


Cost efficiency

By using our data capture technology, clients gain valuable cost benefits because our input cost calculations ultimately will be lower than the cost of clients doing it by manual input. In addition to cost savings on the input process, the client company will also be able to save on costs involved in the storage of physical documents, which are often quite large.

Faster data input process

Using data capture technology, the data input or conversion process and the speed of service are considerably faster. This helps the client to achieve a higher overall level of administrative efficiency and a greater degree of customer satisfaction.

Human Resource Efficiency

With data capture technology, the client company will save on the amount of administrative effort required. For example, a task expected to require 10 people can be done by only 5 or 6 people, using software that is able to read handwriting. This means that data capture technology is able to dramatically increase the efficiency of time and energy management.

Fewer Data Input Errors

Significantly fewer errors occur with data capture technology. Regardless, with close human supervision, we carefully review data input to considerably reduce the possibility of errors occurring, and the potential risk of our clients suffering losses due to data input errors.

Application Examples

Data input from credit card applications to a system, from data surveys, test results invoices, hardcopies and other hand-writings, are applicable examples of the high benefits of data capture. The Client may elect to only use document imaging service, or simultaneously us both services–document imaging and data capturing.

Data Security

Passwords can be set for access to the computer system and its software to prevent the possibility of accidental deletion of data or unauthorized access. Strict security access control and 24 hour CCTV monitoring of the working environment further ensures the security of the data capture process and the data storage system. The data backup system, which we install with a database server, also keeps the stored data secure against physical hazards, such as fires, floods and potential security risks.

Assets and Technology

In order to support and maintain the efficiency and quality of services, RDS Group operates through five offices in Jakarta, one office located in Surabaya, one office located in Medan and another one in Denpasar. We are supported by up-to-date computerized systems using technologies of Microsoft Navision ERP System, and other supporting assets which include:

Document Imaging resources:

  • 93 Production Scanners, with speeds ranging from 40 to 130 pages per minute (ppm). Our scanners can handle duplex, Grayscale, B/W, and Color, for up to A0 size documents.
  • Well-known data capture software that is capable of OCR, OMR and ICR (HP Teleform, IBM Datacap).
  • Well-known document management system software (IBM Filenet).
  • Over 550 Workstations and Servers.

Business Partners

Besides the support of our own wide array of equipment and resources, our success has also been well supported by our partnerships with major players in hardware and software technologies. PT RDS has excellent relationships with and continues to receive technology updates from the principals of famous brands, such as:

Hardware: HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Contex

Software: HP Teleform, IBM Filenet, IBM Datacap, IBM BPM, AWPL Dotpshere, AWPL Pencil