RDS Group Reduces Document Creation Time by 70 Percent While Slashing Operating Expenses

OpenTextTM Exstream transforms RDS Group operation with spectacular time and productivity savings

Rapid business expansion caused capacity overload for PT Reycom Document Solusi Group’s in-house document production capability. The company became the first in Indonesia to deploy the OpenText Exstream Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution, achieving spectacular time and productivity benefits. Batch jobs, which took up to eight hours are now completed in


Phenomenal level of document output

PT Reycom Document Solusi Group (RDS Group) has become the biggest production and scanning service operation in Indonesia, keeping pace with a decade-long strong growth in the insurance industry. The RDS Group supports not only local and national enterprises, but also international companies. This achievement has been driven by a high level of expertise and customer service commitment.

Capturing almost 60 percent market share of the country’s insurance industry alone means the output volume of documents is huge. Add the fact that the Group offers the same strategic document management solution to the banking, automotive, and govern- ment sectors and that volume grows exponentially.

Forms completed by agents are sent to RDS Group to be digitally scanned, including signatures, and entered into the system to create policy documents often totaling more than 120 pages. This process allows insurance companies and banks to focus on their crit- ical core business tasks, raising their own productivity and eliminating unnecessary cost.

During 2012, the Group printed more than 1.4 million insurance policy documents, mailing almost 50 percent of that total. At year end, however, further growth was constrained due to capacity overload caused by limitations of its in-house document management solution.

Reinforcing the need for a new CCM solution

The decision to acquire a high volume web press printer reinforced RDS’s belief that a new CCM solution was needed. After a compre- hensive review the company deployed Exstream.

CEO Randy Chandra explains, “Our in-house solution simply could not match the demand. In the life insurance and financial servic- es sectors for instance, policy application forms are immensely complex. Some companies have as many as 250 products. Govern- ment regulations, consumer protection issues, or shifts in the market have an ongoing impact and cause changes in all of those products.

“Our legacy programming system was much too slow. Our IT team had to handle coding and effect changes which were so often prompted by customers’ unique specifications. It became more difficult if mistaken details were on the form or the form itself was the wrong one.

“The data needed to create a policy document is drawn from many sources and includes specifications, terms and conditions, templates, and must observe legal compliance issues. Sometimes, after many hours spent producing a120-page document, a mistake would be discovered and the incomplete information would impact other parts of the document.”

With the arrival of the new web press printer, the situation worsened. “The printer, capable of printing 1,400 pages per minute, was stand- ing idle at times because it was so much faster than the process feeding it,” said Chandra. “The logjam was a nightmare. A simple change required in a policy document could take up to two days before it was completed and the source code properly tested.”


In its search for a CCM solution, RDS looked at several providers. “We spoke with the Exstream team on a number of occasions and it became clear that they fully understood our business and our processes. During the proof of concept (POC) stage, the Exstream solution proved its value. Our evaluators were impressed that Exstream was easy to fit in to our IT environment.” RDS Group itself undertook the implementation of the Exstream solution supported by Exstream Professional Services. This included some training and mentoring. The project was delivered in three months. The pricing options offered by Financial Services also allowed us to spread the payments, so that we are running the solution as an operational expense (OpEx) rather than a capital expenditure (CapEx) model,” says Chandra.

When the Exstream solution went live in early 2013, RDS Group was able to consolidate more than 200 templates that had prolif- erated across the company’s core back office systems. The consolidation rate is still growing. The solution’s unified design and processing environment on a single software platform allows busi- ness personnel to create, design, deploy, and execute a wide range of policy documents.


“Before implementing Exstream, a small number of requests from customers often had to be applied to 10 or even 20 forms and that involved a lot of in-house code changes,” said Chandra “By central- izing the process, we can now produce a batch job, which previ- ously took eight hours, in 30 minutes. The policy document creation process is also now delivering a time saving of 70 per cent.

 Moving to the digital age

“The document imaging and printing world is changing as it moves into the digital age. We are now able to merge multiple data sources, consolidating them and generating the output for email and SMS. Exstream enables our front line employees to build interactive docu- ments that reflect the context and outcomes of customer interac- tions. This flexibility allows us to respond to each customer’s unique situation, effect changes in real time and send via their preferred channel of communication.

“Having captured that information, the Exstream technology then makes it simple to effect the changes in real time. The outcome is our rapid creation of meaningful, customized communications.”

The positive impact is revealed in the volume for policy production that the company delivers to just the insurance industry. In 2012, RDS Group printed more than 1.4 million insurance policy docu- ments. By the end of 2013, policy documents exceeded 1.6 million annually. Policies are just one part of the RDS Group’s services to the insurance industry with overall insurance document output exceeding 100 million documents in 2013.

Chandra foresees new market opportunities opening up for the organisation. “We are the first company to introduce this tech- nology solution in Indonesia. As a result, we have proven to our customers that we are able to offer a better service in a faster time, Chandra says.

RDS Group also sees itself in the role of educator. “We believe in being pioneers if that enables us to offer an enhanced value experi- ence to our customers. This new solution is helping us to fulfill this goal,” says Chandra. “Because of that, we have recently concluded a partnership agreement to act as sales and delivery support for the Exstream product across Indonesia. Our system integration team has been trained to implement the solution and it is backed up by Exstream Professional Services specialists. Our customers’ reaction has been very positive.”



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