Health Care Administration

PT Syntech Mitra Integrasi (PT SMI)

One of the third companies which form the RDS Group, PT Syntech Mitra Integrasi, provides a Health Care Management Program in the form of claims administration services for insurance agencies and various other types of companies. With this service, it benefits our clients as they are no longer burdened with the administrative process of insurance claims. Our health services in this field include:

  • Providing checking of insurance limits
    Hospital staff who need to know the claimant’s health care insurance limit for medical treatment, hospitalization, or medical checkup generally utilize this service.
  • Providing notification of insurance limits
    Hospital staff generally require this service to inform them of the claimant’s limit of health care insurance and what’s still available for use.
  • Provide assistance in health care claim handling
    Health care insurance claim activities, which take time and effort, generally require checking the insurance claim limit against supporting documents. This service is very useful for insurance agencies and other businesses that wish to settle the claim of the insured after the data verification process has been completed.


PT SMI Health Management Program helps the client to control and reduce costs in three main areas:

Internal Costs Reduction

By outsourcing the administration of health benefits and applying the efficient process of PT SMI’s system, clients do not need to invest in human resources, computers, and other equipment, thereby, significantly reducing their internal costs.

External Costs Reduction

SMI has established relationships with a network of health care facilities to provide a wide selection of choices, and as a result, the client may enjoy favorable rates with us through discount sharing.

Fair Claims Costs

With the ability to control, monitor, and manage each case, PT SMI can analyze and determine a strategy to develop cost savings without reducing the quality of health care or treatment.

Experienced Professional Health Care Management

Our Health Care Management Program is staffed by a combination of experienced health care personnel and administrators who are trained in keeping the focus on ensuring quality health care that is cost efficient and service oriented. In the outsourcing services we provide, all health care claims administration officers are located in our office.

Technology Support

In additional, our health care personnel and  administrators of  our health care claim administration services provide an array of supporting technologies. These include various types of electronic data cards that provide information about the card holder and assist the hospital or health care center administrative staff in the cost approval for health care treatment.

  • Show Card
    Presenting a registration card is one of the simplest and most practical ways in which an insured person may claim the health care benefits that have been provided to the insured by the employing company or insurance agency. After the insured person presents the card, the hospital or health care center staff will contact our staff by phone to check the balance of the insurance fund that can be used. Our officers will then immediately follow up with a confirmation and approval by facsimile.
  • Swipe Card
    The magnetic card system has more advanced features than the show card and offers greater efficiency and accuracy. The hospital staff simply swipes the magnetic card on a dedicated machine, and the machine will automatically perform a data communication call to our servers, from which the treatment cost approval will automatically be issued in the form of a printed slip, such as with credit card machines in general. By instantaneously providing the hospital staff with information and approval for the health care expense limit that is available to the card holder, this system speeds up the process.