Industry Solution

Industry Solution

RDS Group understands that each industry needs different approach and solutions. As such, RDS Group provides unique, and often industry-first, solution to address document problems at our customers. Our Integrated Policy Production Solution and Incoming Document Processing Solution address every issue in Life Insurance’s New Business Process in Insurance Industry, thus only leaving the Underwriting task to the Insurance. Our solutions enable our Insurance Industry customers to focus on their core business, improve corporate image, increase productivity and save cost.

Insurance Industry

RDS shows deep penetration with End to End solution in Life and General Insurance Market since 2006. The solution consists of Document Receiving, Document Pre-Screen, Document Scanning, Data Capture, Indexing, Policy Production, Delivery Manifest System and Phone Verification.

RDS’s Market Share in Insurance Industry is approximately 58 % based on number of policies issued from life insurance in Indonesia. RDS monthly volume for Policy Production in this particular industry, on average from January – December 2013, is more than 132,500 policies per month. And RDS monthly volume for Imaging Solution is, on average from January – December 2013, more than 8.2 million insurance documents per month.

Banking Industry

In this particular industry, RDS delivers its solution from Pre-Screen, Data Capture, Indexing and Variable Statement Printing starting from 2003. With strong recommendation and relationship, in 2009 RDS established new line of business in banking area which is customer contact centre focused on verification process.

Others (Government, Telecommunication, Mining, Pharmaceutical, etc)

RDS also provide solution in other industry focused on Document Imaging and Simple Document Management System since 2003.

Integrated Insurance Business Solution

In Insurance Business, RDS Group provides Integrated Document Solution, consist of Incoming Document Processing and Integrated Policy Production.

Incoming Document Processing

Incoming Document Processing in New Business Process inside every Insurance Companies is a tedious, and yet sometime inaccurate, process. Most Insurance Companies in Indonesia rely on hardcopy document to process every New Business inquiries.

Recognizing this matter as a key problem, RDS provides an integrated approach to address the hardcopy document processing problem, thus creating an industry solution called Incoming Document Processing Solution.

This integrated, yet modular, approach is consists of several components :

Document Receiving System: IT-enhanced Document Receiving System that enables smooth and accountable process.

Document Checking System: Integrated with Data Capture System, this component ensures that every check points is noted and transferred correctly to database.

Document Imaging System: Converts paper into electronic file for easy handling. Can be integrated to any back-end systems available.

Data Capture System: Captures handwritten information into back-end systems. Superior accuracy with ICR technology and business-rule checking.

Web-based Workflow for online reporting: Track and records the status of document processing.

Integrated Policy Production

When dealing with Policy Production, Insurance Companies will have to, unfortunately, deal with these problems : Human Resource Management, Waste Management, Vendor Management, Equipment Maintenance, Warehousing, and Delivery Management. When the quantity is small, those problems can be handled internally without causing any slow-down, but after reaching certain volume, they can cause huge problems.

Again, RDS provides an integrated approach to solve all problems related to Policy Production. Our solution components spans from Document Imaging, High-Speed Printing, Variety of Binding and Packaging options, Reliable Quality Control, Vendor Management, to Delivery Services. The breadth of our solution will enable our customers to really focus on what they do best, which helps them to increase their corporate value.

RDS also uses strict security and business contingency procedure to ensure that our solution meets the stringent industry standards.