Modern IT is at the core of today’s business and could be the most important investment you can make for your growing company, server is made to manage, store, send information and process data all the time, we provide some kind of server related to your business

Business Server

This machine designed from small, medium to high business environment, this machine will be more powerful to support your business, with kind of feature like hardware redundancy such as dual power supplies, RAID disk system, ECC memory, etc will allowing technicians to replace them on the running server without shutting it down.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

This machine designed for enterprise business, Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) effectively eliminates storage as a tier of infrastructure in the data center. Rather than existing as a separate resource, storage and compute resources are added to server hosts and managed by software. Like most modern workloads, HCI leverages virtualization technology, HCI consolidates servers, storage, the hypervisor, and some network functions into a software-centric solution deployed on commodity hardware

Storage is important think on the component of the infrastructure, storage will support your system on the complete lifecycle of data, same as another technology storage had evolution from the old version until modern version, following the technology update we provide comprehensive storage: All-flash system, Hybrid disk and flash storage arrays, Tape Storage


All-flash is a storage infrastructure that contains only flash memory drives instead of spinning-disk drives. All-flash storage is also referred to as a Solid-State Array (SSA). all-flash offers speed, performance, and agility for your business applications.


Hybrid storage describes storage systems that are designed with a blend of flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) and mechanical hard-disk drives (HDDs) in an effort to provide high performance at an affordable price.

Traditional Storage (Tape)

Tape Storage keeps on evolving, Tape storage is one of the best solutions for archiving large volumes of data, with data volumes growing rapidly, tape storage is a suitable system for data storage requiring large capacity. Tape storage is not used only for backup in case of system failure, but also for archiving data for long-term storage.

Backup Tools

Make a copy of your files on storage separate from your main hard drive, that’s the point of this tool. it will really make your data safe, you can do replication data to another drive, external drive, NAS, etc. it will prevent data loss in your business

Every kind of business should be ready to deal with cyber threats, security system is important to avoid any risk to the business, which may be physical damage, robbery, theft, or system hacking. Base on this history we provide security solution: Firewall, DataLoss Prevention


Part of network security, Firewall is the basic solution to protect your business from external threat, the firewall is essentially the barrier between a private internal network and the public Internet, Firewalls are able to react quickly and seamlessly to detect and combat attacks across the whole network. Firewalls can act on previously set policies to better protect your network and can carry out quick assessments to detect invasive or suspicious activity, such as malware, and shut it down

Data Loss Prevention

Data is the part of important think on your business, imagine if your private data scattered in public. Data loss prevention (DLP) is a set of tools and processes used to ensure that sensitive data is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users. DLP software classifies regulated, confidential and business-critical data and identifies violations of policies defined by organizations or within a predefined policy pack, typically driven by regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or GDPR

Peripheral as an auxiliary device that gives a computer additional functionality, peripheral will enhance your user’s experience, we provide kind of peripheral: Scanner, Large Format Scanner, Printer, Multifunction Printer, Projector, E-KTP Reader, Video Conference System, AllinOne PC, CCTV, Interactive Panel, etc


Scanner is an input device that scans documents such as photographs and pages of text. When a document is scanned, it is converted into a digital format, we provide from small until large format scanner


Printer is an output device that prints paper documents. This includes text documents, images, or a combination of both. We provide from common printer, card printer, until multifunction printer


Projector is an output device that projects an image onto a large surface, such as a white screen or wall. It may be used an alternative to a monitor or television when showing video or images to a large group of people. We provide from common projector until interactive projector

E-KTP Reader

E-KTP reader will help you to read information from the E-KTP, our device have SDK that will allow you to do integration between E-KTP reader with your application

Video Conference System

Nowadays video conference is very common in the world, to support you on the conference we provide video conference system from software until hardware, absolutely we have the latest modern technology for the video conference solution

Interactive Panel

The next generation of office display solution, interactive panel allow you to run your meeting and presentation with the freedom and convenience your team needs to do their best work, you can touch and control your presentation on the screen, this is the beautiful idea with modular office design

Nowadays digital transformation is encouraging more organizations to adopt initiatives driven by the Internet of Things (IoT). with the IoT, we can monitor and control devices and objects with built-in sensors are connected to an Internet of Things platform, which integrates data from the different devices and applies analytics to share the most valuable information with applications built to address specific needs. We provide IoT solutions for the water sensor that can provide information about pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, salinity, etc. we also have an IoT solution for the modern meeting room, smart city, etc

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