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Healthcare Management

RDS Group provides Healthcare Management Services that strive to be the best and provide top notch service by operating responsibly, executing with excellence and applying innovative technologies. With this perspective, we know virtually every nook and cranny of the healthcare industry. We communicate with the best providers, invest in people development and service automation enablement and creating an end-to-end service. 

PT. Syntech Mitra Integrasi (SMI) is the Leader in servicing Insurance Industry through Business Process Outsourcing & System Integration. Syntech is a company that provides Healthcare Management Services, such as : Claim Administration, Inventory Monitoring, Healthcare IoT Solution, Healthcare Delivery, Healthcare Distribution.

Line Of Business

Our Solutions

Claim Administration Services

This service will assist the client in managing health benefits for its employees. We will manage the administration of employee medical claims, provide a network of health service facilities (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, and optics) and provide health guarantee letter

Inventory Monitoring Management

StoreSafe is create by using RFID technology to assist vendors (distributor or principle) and hospitals in monitoring their medical devices in a designated place in the hospitals. With this service, both parties can get information about stock availability of goods, through computers or smartphones, anywhere and anytime.

Healthcare IoT Solutions

Today, innovative solutions in the healthcare industries are becoming something that is urgently needed by healthcare organization or service providers. The innovation taken advantage of the internet of things (IoT) concept can help healthcare providers to reduce costs, improve patient safety and optimize workflows. This solution provides opportunity for significant changes in the medical world

Healthcare Delivery Solution

The process of transferring medical devices, drugs, vaccines that require certain constant temperature conditions and within a certain period of time is one of the challenges faced. By using specific tools and devices, this solution can be relied on to overcome these challenges

Healthcare Distribution

Currently, in healthcare sector, there are a lot of quality products that are produced in various countries. Being part of a pharmaceutical distribution company and medical devices distribution company is one of the goals to help make Indonesians get choices for quality products

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