At Present, Our Contact Center Services Team are able to manage up to 150 thousand calls per month.



RDS Group provides contact center services for inbound and outbound solutions. In addition to efficiency, our contact center inbound and outbond solutions provide advantages to our client companies in terms of reduction in manpower, costs and time.


-) Outbound communication solutions

The outbound solution offered by the contact center is a service that undertakes the client company’s external telephone work, such as telemarketing, customer data verification by phone, customer surveys, SMS blast, etc


-) Inbound communication solutions

Through our inbound solution, we manage the client company’s inbound communication from consumers, thereby, functioning as the client’s customer services department, or customer contact center, in which we are generally tasked with handling customer inquiries or complaints



The contact center services can provide fully customized solutions to suit the needs of the client. We are able to manage various types of contact service standardizations arranged in accordance with the client’s company requirements.


Variety of Media

We currently have the capacity to handle up to 150 thousand calls per month, and although a contact center is generally associated with the use of telephones in its operations, we also deploy other means of communication to facilitate two-way communication with customers, such as via SMS, email or facsimile.

Contact Management System


As a group providing a wide range of document management services, we are able to integrate the contact center solutions with our other services, such as data capture services. Integration with data capture services can be implemented in two ways. For example, from the captured data, we can survey and verify data via the telephone or, alternatively answer customer questions which require access to previously captured data. Having such an integrated service, benefits our client companies in a number of ways. This includes increasing the speed and accuracy of their services, and the ability to serve their own customers in a more personalized manner through the customer data information that is accessible to our staff in the contact center.




PT RDS operates through the central office of RDS Group and 4 branch offices, with day-to-day business operations supported by computerized systems using technologies of Microsoft Navision ERP System, and other supporting assets which include:

-) Integrated Contact Center System.
-) Highly Skilled Contact Center Agents