Record Management Solution is a physical document storage service management is integrated with an integrated archival system. Storage space is designed with special specifications, and fitted with archival care facilities, so as to minimize the risks that may occur as the document is damaged, lost, etc




Better Storage Management

With the Record Management solutions, corporate documents will be structured and well-organized, neat, and safe, according to standards established because it is managed by sophisticated systems and integration.



Efficient Document Storage

Along with the rise in property prices in Indonesia, which had previously only used the room for a place to store documents, can be found new purpose room that can serve to support the business activities of the company.



Efficient of HR & Maintenance

Due to maintenance costs increased, such as employee wages, overtime costs, electricity, maintenance, rent, etc. Record management is a solution for the company to minimize the cost.



Accurate & Fast Retrieval

To accelerate and simplify and improve the accuracy of retrieval of documents that have been saved, we use Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) applied in each of his box.




scope of service


Record Management System
Services archive storage, records management systems we provide integrated with barcode system, RFID, GPS Tracker can be seen in our web-based system. Storage can be done by filing method based on the number on the box or the number on documents. RDS warehouse locations located on Jl. Palem 1 Blok DS No. 5, Boston Techno Park, Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi, 17550.


Records Destruction Services
In the document storage process, we also provide demolition archives management system, named after the agreed period of the archive will be destroyed. The method we use is the pulping method.


Transport & Relocation Service
RDS provides relocation services and transportation to support the archive in terms of displacement and pick up a document to facilitate the company in the process of storing the documents.


Warehouse Capacity RDS warehouse capacity:

  • Building A : Capacity of 110,000 boxes, level 2.
  • Building B (Planned) : Capacity of 350.000 boxes, level 6.
  • Hardware Equipment

To support the business process document storage, the equipment we use is as follows:

  • RFID Tag, serves as a barcode on the barcode scanning machine gun.
  • Barcode Scan Gun and printer, this machine serves as a RFID reader and also serves to print the evidence handover.
  • GPS Tracker, this system serves to ease in knowing the status of the existence of documents.