IT Consultant

We have experienced, and certfied people to help you reach objectives and targets on integrating information technology into business. Our team also will give you advice and recommendations about business and IT problems, diagnose and refine challenges & opportunities, make recommendations to improve team effectiveness, etc


Our delivery team can solve your problem to do the installation on the infrastructure (Server, Storage, etc), software implementation, and configuration. We always improve our team to do the best implementation base on experience and continuously training

IT Managed Service

if you don’t have a team to support your internal business on technology matters, we have an experienced team to support you in managing your IT environment. Benefit of using managed service are: low maintenance cost, improve efficiency, increase business focus

Software Service

We provide tailor-made application based on customer needs, that can be implemented through cloud or Premise Environment. Web or mobile application (Android and iOS).

In term of technology, we are using:
Back-end: Java & .NET
Web front-end: React JS
Mobile: React Native, Flutter

Some application that can be done by our service such as: control room app, e-office (mailing application), sales portal, employee portal, native mobile app, etc.

Low code platform

Low Code Platform is a software development approach that requires little up to no coding in order to build applications and processes. It uses a visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop features instead of extensive coding languages.

Customize readable code with ease, seamlessly incorporate complex business logic, that can enable close collaboration between teams and subject matter experts.
By simplifying development, it will:
– Shortens the time to market
– Lowers the costs of both initial builds and ongoing maintenance
– Save in cost and effort

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