Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools and strategies allow the management of an organization’s unstructured information, wherever that information exists. ECM is the strategies, methods, and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS) is an image repository system that can meet various business segment. This Solution enables organizations to store all documents and manuals in a single location. Benefit of using DMS are:
– The document can be search EASILY by property or content keyword
– Securely Share the document ANYWHERE, ANYTIME
– Set up the security permission to access the document

DMS can be very useful in multi-industry

Document Capture

OCR is needed to recognize printed and handwrittent text in image file – either in structured (fix form) or unstructed document (invoice, bank statement, agreement, etc.). OCR is defined as traditional zoning OCR and OCR Cognitive using AI engine. By using OCR Cognitive combine with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) this solution become INTELLIGENT DOCUMENT SYSTEM.


In a business organization, Document Workflow System can ensure every task is performed by the right people on time. It used to generate, track, edit, and approve documents associated with business processes. It can be done anywhere at any device.

Today’s customers demand personalized, relevant communications that are available in real-time and accessible through the channel of their choice.

The Customer Experience software allows organizations to deploy a new approach to information exchange thereby improving the ability to maintain relationships with customers and other stakeholders. By using the software, messages disseminated are no longer generic but tailored according to customers’ needs and specific platforms (Web, email, SMS, print] and devices (mobile, laptop, tablet, PC).

Customer Communication Management /Document composition

Customer Communication Management (CCM ) is a tool that can be used to design and delivery of ultra-personalize content , generate personalized and dynamic template to manage mass volume and omnichannel communication. CCM usually use in Banking, Insurance, and Multifinance to generate letter notification, billing statement, policy, etc.

The output can be sent via printed mail, SMS, e-mail (pdf attachment or body email HTML5), or instant messaging

Interactive & personalized video

Interactive Personalized Video (IPV) is a platform that make organization able to do 1-on-1 communication to the customer thru a personalization and interaction video at the same time. It can be very useful in several industry such as Customer Onboarding & Retention, Video Statement, Video Survey, Customer Acquisition, etc.

Omnichannel Dashboard

Manage your social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Business, Website Chat and others instant messaging channel) with the omnichannel dashboard and you can monitor your team’s performance across channels in real-time. Visualize all omnichannel data about customers, inventory, and orders in a single interface. Export live report and historical data of customer, inventory, and order activity with ease.

When you hear the term “artificial intelligence” or “AI,” however, it’s more likely you have visions of Skynet and the rise of our inevitable robot overlords.

But, the truth of artificial intelligence and particularly machine learning is far less sinister, and it’s actually not something of the far-off future. It’s here today, and it’s shaping and simplifying the way we live, work, travel and communicate. RDS is one of the AI & machine learning solution provider especially to optimize corporate doing the business as usual


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software technology that gives ability to automate their Business Process. With RPA, users can create software robots, or “bots”, that can learn, mimic, and then execute rules-based business processes.

RPA is very usefull for task that require a lot of manpower, repetitive and high volume, have a standard operation procedure, and stable flow process. Usually RPA can be combine with OCR cognitive to extract and process unstructred data . This Solution enable highly advanced levels of data processing and automation.

RPA can be implemented in multi industries (banking, multifinance, fintech, insurance, manufacture, government, etc.) for invoice processing, bank statement analyzing, data validation, generate reporting, and many other tasks.


Chatbot is a software that simulates human-like conversations with users via text messages on chat. Its key task is to help customer services by providing answers to their questions and provide better communication either in Bahasa Indonesia or English with Conversational Automation through Natural Language Processing (NLP) Chatbot. you can integrated the chatbot with omnichannel dashboard for maximize function services and report.

A business application is software used by business users to perform a business function. Classify the applications to maintain an inventory and consolidate the business applications. Analyze, assess, and evaluate the applications across various dimensions and determine the action that you can take for each application.


Bion Core is a holistic core-system designed for Insurance Industry, consist of Individual and Group Business module for Life and Health Insurance products. This Solution support insurance companies to modernize their business to meet customer demands.
This product facilitate verieties of business process that build based on best practice in industry. So that can ensure activities & transactions were fully tracked for to be process in to a customizable report.
Bion Core benefit:
– web based application;
– easily configured API integration,
– smoothly accessed by any device or OS,
– customized UI.
– support upload for bulk data import such as New Business, Claim,
   Plans set up, and etc.

Agent Aid

Agent AID is one stop solution for agents that facilitate plenty of solution. It enables to distribute all the necessary with one single monitoring application (mobile and web app), including to manage their production, recruitment progress and pending application in one apps.

It is an application used for salesforces recruitment activities; from Candidate-to-Agent on boarding process, end-to-end administration process until monitoring process with fully digital experience. it is a ready-mate product, built to be set up as customer specification demand, a mobile apps that easily managed based on Agency needs .

Auto Underwriting

Auto Underwriting engine is a straigth through processing solution, specifically designed for insurance companies to carry out the underwriting or claim process, in both life and general insurances.
It able to speed up multiple cases approval process and to keep the rejected cases out of the system automatically from 1 day to only 5 minutes. It is the answer for new business and claim process which keep facing a fast changing products, including ther following terms and parameters of it.

It functions to check all criteria automatically while each criteria or parameter is determined based on its rules or business processes with a flexible and easy way of UW rules configuration to create new set of AUW Function by copy & edit existing AUW Function


Loan Origination System (LOS) is an application designed to support the processing of credit applications required by banking and multifinance to Improve Customer Engagement, Risk Analysis, Profitability throughout the Credit Life Cycle. Our All-In-One Solution which includes key features that is:
– Content Management,
– Decision Engine,
– Business Process Management and Report administration.

anti virus RDS

SLIK Automation

SLIK Automation is software technology to automate OJK SLIK Retrieval using Batch & Interactive method dedupe engine for retrieval matching, automate convert & aggerate SLIK IDEB retrieval to Database System and calculate policy checking for SLIK data. SLIK Automation specifically for Banking and Multi-finance sector that has access to the OJK slik portal.

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